How to keep your kids active and entertained these school holidays

How to keep your kids active and entertained these school holidays

Are you worried about what to do with your kids these school holidays?

For many working parents the arrival of the school holidays is a daunting prospect. And it’s easy to understand why.

Managing just four weeks of annual leave against weeks of school holidays just doesn’t add up. Family support isn’t always available and babysitting can be expensive.

Even parents who don’t work outside of the home can find it difficult to keep the kids happy and the house in harmony during the holidays. And let’s face it, having school-aged children at home all week – especially if you also have younger ones who need your attention – can unsettle the week’s routine.

Finding affordable ways to keep your child entertained, active and mentally stimulated is challenging, but there are plenty of options.

Here are three ideas to consider that could help you and your child get what they need these school holidays:

  1. Get them exploring: Try our free backyard treasure hunt

There’s nothing like seeing your children enjoying the Great Outdoors – seeing, smelling and touching plants and natural surfaces. But you don’t have to take a family camping trip for your kids to experience the benefits – send them exploring the backyard with our free, self-guided backyard treasure hunt activity.

Watch their imaginations come alive as they explore and discover.

  1. Get them moving: Try a new sport

The Australian Department of Health recently released Movement Guidelines for children aged 5-17. Amidst the recommendations is the key advice that children should:

  • Accumulate 60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous exercise per day
  • Limit screen time to no more than two hours per day

Keeping screen time hours down is difficult enough during a school week, let alone during the holidays. To counter this – and if finances allow – the school holidays can be a good chance to focus on developing some new sports skills.

Ask around at your local school, community notice board or chat to Siri to find out what sporting activities are on offer in your local area. Keep in mind that most sports camps won’t attract the government Child Care Subsidy and not all children respond well to doing the same activity five days a week – most will need to stretch their creative and imagination muscles as well.

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  1. Get them excited: Try vacation care

For an option that offers the best of both worlds, consider a school holiday program that stimulates minds as well as muscles. Known as vacation care, our Uniting holiday programs are government subsidised and aligned with the previously mentioned Department of Health Movement Guidelines – adventure-filled days where exercise and learning happen along the way.

Uniting vacation care nurtures each child’s unique strengths, interests and personality through fun and challenging programs that extend the skills learned during school hours.

Your child could enjoy activities for the body – including nature walks, game days, gardening, dance lessons, jumping castles and skating – and activities for the mind – including sustainability workshops, crazy science experiments, arts and crafts, costume days and cooking classes.

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Uniting vacation care is available in the following locations:

  • Burwood
  • Currans Hill
  • Elderslie
  • Engadine
  • Orange
  • Wahroonga

Click here to register your interest or call 1800 864 846 and speak to our vacation care team to discover the adventures and activities on offer these school holidays.

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