More than your average cowboy

More than your average cowboy

Adrian Feirer is not your average cowboy. A city boy who fell in love with horses in his youth, he became an equine therapist by accident.

Ten years ago, Adrian had his horse in town in Moruya on the NSW south coast. He was loading his horse onto his float in a carpark when he noticed several children watching on, enchanted by the horse. Curious, they asked if they could watch Adrian as he put the horse onto its float.

Before long, their teacher Mr Miles approached Adrian and asked if the kids could come closer to watch him and his horse. Each time he visited, they would grow more confident, even patting and brushing the horse. Small changes were happening.

“I could see the impact it had on the kids. They were more enthusiastic to go to school. It was very special,” Adrian said.

From there, his career in equine therapy developed. Most recently, he co-hosted two Uniting Ability Links equine therapy workshops in Dapto and Moruya.

The workshops were exciting but exhausting, he says. Everyone was enthusiastic and keen. The stock whip cracking a ‘hot favourite’.

“The beauty of equine therapy is that it’s so open,” Adrian says. “Horses are very non-judgemental. They don’t care what colour you are, what sexuality you are. Just who you are now. That’s all they care about. They only care how you treat them right up in that moment.”

For Adrian, it’s what he loves most about his job and an outlook he tries to carry out in his own life.

One of Adrian’s first clients was a six-year-old girl he met though Uniting Ability Links. You can watch the video below.

“It’s important to educate that there are other alternative therapies out there. You don’t have to prove anything. Just open your mind and enjoy.”

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