Age is no barrier

One of our 'grandparents' from Uniting Nunyara meets one of the 'grandchildren' from our child care centre.

Age is no barrier

Laughs, hugs and delicious treats were in abundance for the residents at Uniting Nunyara Peakhurst who had lots of fun on Grandparents Day recently.

“I love it, it brings me back to the time when my boys were babies. We have a wonderful time together.” Fay Williams, 82, resident.

“Every aged care home should have one, it’s always lovely to meet other mums and spend time with the residents.” Hanna, mum of 17 months toddler Caitlyn.

The Uniting Nunyara Peakhurst intergenerational playgroup has been going strong since its start in March this year and has been an important part of the service for the residents, the parents and their little ones. The children bring a lot of joy to the residents and it’s a great opportunity for parents who no longer have their own parents around who want their children to have grandparents in their lives.

On Monday 30 October, residents, babies and toddlers got together to celebrate Grandparents Day and enjoyed a morning of singing, playing and delicious treats. Lots of laughs and hugs were shared.

Tam Isaacs, Recreational Activities Officer at Uniting Nunyara Peakhurst said:

“I have witnessed so many heart-warming moments and interactions between the three generations. There are residents here that are happy, animated and chatty when the playgroup is on, yet agitated, downcast and quiet when the little ones are not about.

It’s an amazing transformation to see. It’s also very beneficial for residents who don’t have many visitors. They welcome this special time with the parents and the little ones. Some days it’s actually difficult to end the playgroup. The parents often joke that if it wasn’t for the kids needing some sleep time, they probably would stay all day!”

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