Getting older, getting fitter

A group of older men and women in an exercise class, all are wearing street clothes

Getting older, getting fitter

When Fauja Singh ran his first marathon at age 92, most of us thought “Good on him!” and mentally calculated how many years it would be before we needed to kick start our fitness regime into gear to achieve the same.

However, his accomplishment was the result of an overall commitment to staying fit and healthy long before he decided to become a record breaker in his 90s. This month, in partnership with Starts at 60, we have launched a fun program focussed on people aged 60 years and over who are looking to improve their overall health and fitness but would rather not be signing up to marathons or boot camps.

We know that self care is challenging at any age. Finding time to treat ourselves with the same kindness and respect that we treat others can be hard particularly when we’re trying to fit it all in. The great thing about this new program is how practical and adaptable it is and best of all – you can watch the videos anywhere. At home, on your laptop or even your phone.

We have teamed up with experts in various health fields to provide advice that’s tailor-made for over-60s and designed to give people the tools to carry on long after the program is finished.

The program has two strands. The first focuses on ‘Exercise and Strength’ and the second on ‘Health and Wellbeing’ which allows people to tailor the program to suit their own individual needs.

Lauretta Stace, our Healthy Ageing General Manager, is excited about the new program because it combines the bodies changing needs with simple, safe and effective ways of staying in shape to get the most out of life, irrespective of age.

She says the program has been designed as a series of 25 videos that are light-hearted and informative to make the content easily accessible for people wanting to take part.

The videos are free of charge and are being rolled out, two at a time, over a ten-week period.

“You don’t need expensive equipment to stay fit when you’re over 60,” Stace says. “These videos give simple tips from the experts on exercises you can do in your own home, to stay fit, safely.”

“In addition, we acknowledge that finding the right foods to meet the changing nutritional needs of your body isn’t always as straightforward as we sometimes like to think, so we’ve put together a range of easy and delicious tips to help you stay full of energy,”

“Good food and purposeful exercise are both important for staying in shape so you can keep getting the most out life. And, ultimately, that’s what Uniting is all about – helping everyone live their best life.”

Find out more about our free healthy ageing program and start now.

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