Seeing retirement villages through fresh eyes

Independent living

Seeing retirement villages through fresh eyes

If you are 55 or over and considering your future living options, moving into a retirement village has never been more attractive.

These villages are setting new standards for providing services to help as you grow older, while winning awards for their innovative design.

Times are a changin’

The past few years have seen older people become more conscious of their living needs as they grow older. It’s bigger than a decision to downsize. It’s a need for a like-minded community. A chance to escape household jobs that may have become tricky to manage, or noisy neighbourhoods. For some it’s about convenience, or having greater physical or emotional security.

Retirement villages offer attractive spaces perfect for both socialising with others and those times when you want some privacy, with a homely feel. This gives people a feeling of being in control of the pattern of their day – making them happier as a result.

The stats don’t lie

In 2013 the largest ever study of retirement villages* in Australia yielded telling results. It delivered the highest net rating for any Australian industry for perceived quality of service. 98% of 5,200 residents surveyed reported being “somewhat to extremely satisfied”, with their village.

Trends also bust the myth of retirement villages as being much like nursing homes. They’re not. Residents are getting younger. It’s not unusual to see retirement village residents who are still in paid employment, regular users of the latest technology and physically active in many areas.

Made for you

Villages have their own unique identities, but common features often include:

  • Kitchen areas that encourage interaction and allow residents to cook, dine and entertain at times of their choosing
  • Light-filled spaces both indoors and outdoors, such as gardens and self-contained areas for when you want your own space
  • Big variety in accommodation. Homes can vary in terms of size and furnishings
  • Easy access around the village and grounds, with equipment often being available to support those less physically able
  • A community with likely similar living styles to yours
  • Support and recreational services such as health, medical, transport and leisure activities.

At Uniting, we have a range of independent living options available. You can call us on 1800 864 846 to find out more. Your next step could be the lifestyle change you least expected.

* McCrindle Baynes Village Community Report, 2013

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