International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Inspirational Women of Uniting

International Women’s Day: Celebrating the Inspirational Women of Uniting

Think of a woman you admire. What is it about her character that brought her to mind? What is it that makes her strong? Her empathy? Her creativity? Her grit?

Each one of us at Uniting has the opportunity to work with strong women. Whether we’re sharing a cuppa in the tea room, helping her out of bed in the morning, or meeting her at the school gate – Uniting is marked by women who are respectful, compassionate, imaginative and bold.

International Women’s Day (IWD) is our chance to celebrate the women of Uniting. There are so many stories we could showcase, but when considering this year’s theme of ‘More Powerful Together’, it’s hard to go past Lunette and Diane – two incredibly strong women who sat down together as strangers, discovered some unexpected connections and walked away as friends.

In their short film from 2016, Diane and Lunette show how one of the most powerful actions we can take is to listen to one another with a spirit of compassionate acceptance.

Lunette shares how fleeing the war in Sierra Leone – where she lost her hearing in a bombing – has shaped the way she lives her life today.

“When you’re in a war, you don’t even think about someone hearing having their lost,” she reflects. “What is important is trying to survive.”

For Diane, coming out at 49 – after 25-years of marriage to a man – was the beginning of a new, more honest life.

“I became aware that I was gay when I was about 14 or 15,” Diane remembers.

“And in the 1970s in Australia, it was illegal. I felt very much alone because I couldn’t talk about it. I used to go to bed at night and ‘try to pray the gay away’”.

“Coming out was really scary. But I still knew it was the right thing to do.”

Watch their conversation below.

Read more from Diane in her guest blog: Diversity and acceptance in aged care.

The women of Uniting

To mark this important international day, here are stories of powerful Uniting women.

  • Not your typical chaplain – Young and tattooed, this Uniting chaplain says people are often surprised to hear what she does for a living.
  • When wonderful meets amazing – two women on a journey of rehabilitation after disability.
  • Strictly billboard – Growing up with a disability, Robin never fancied herself as a poster girl.
  • Why I love what I do – Dr Marianne Jauncey of the Uniting Medically Supervised Injecting Centre shares what gets her up every morning.
  • 100 years since Day Dot – Uniting centenarian shares her secret to a long and happy Life.
  • Kin and culture – Jennah speaks about growing up in the foster care system and connecting with Uniting as a young adult.
  • Limitless Lilan – this Uniting Ability Links client didn’t let a stroke get in the way of her passion for life.
  • Berenice’s Best Day – this 85-year-old world traveller had one place left on her bucket list.
  • Felicity’s story – single foster mum urges others to step up and become carers.
  • I can still be who I am – Gay and Jewish, Bernette says she can express every part of herself at Uniting.
  • Excuse me while we dance – Meliha explains why it’s good to find time to have a laugh with others.
  • A rainbow pathway – Alma on being an LGBTI ally in your eighties.

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