102-year-old shares her tips on keeping New Year resolutions

102-year-old shares her tips on keeping New Year resolutions

Have you made a New Year’s resolution? More importantly, will you stick to it?

According to Psychology Today, about 40 per cent of people make New Year’s resolutions, but very few actually keep them – which begs the question: is it worth making one?

102-year-old Sarah Esplin has a few things to say about the tradition of marking the new year. A resident of Uniting Farmborough in the Illawarra region of NSW, Sarah believes the act of setting a big picture intention that reflects your values at the start of the new year is something that holds value.

“I can’t recall making any New Year’s resolutions,” Sarah tells us. “But I think they’re a good idea.”

“I think it’s especially important for the new generation to put their minds to setting New Year’s resolutions.”

Among Sarah’s century of experiences are many fond memories of ringing in the new year with loved ones.

“My special memory of bringing in the New Year as a young girl was the family sharing food and conversation,” she remembers of the peaceful time.

“My father was never a drinker and my mother didn’t like the smell of it.”

Sarah is seated looking at the camera. She has snow white hair and a very youthful expression.

Sarah Esplin has some simple advice for a happy new year.

“This year we got together for a lovely family gathering at my daughter Janet’s house for a BBQ.”

Centenarian Sarah’s tips for a happy new year

Even if you’re not a fan of making resolutions, the ever-active Sarah shares her three top tips for making the new year a happy and healthy one:

  1. Stay active – body and mind

Keep up the hard work and keep busy and active. I was a keen cyclist and I now walk the corridors every day at Farmborough. As my daughter always says to me, ‘move it or lose it’.

  1. Make your own fun

I think people shouldn’t miss out on making their own entertainment. I have fond memories of climbing trees and making clay cakes. Just keep it fun.

  1. Give back

To live a better life in 2019 I would suggest giving back to the community by volunteering. You will always be in good company and make good friends. I volunteered at Legacy for over 20 years.

Sarah’s 2019 resolutions

As for 2019, Sarah’s “resolutions” for the year reads more like a wish-list, with the rugby league fan hoping for something much bigger than herself.

“If I was to make a resolution, it would be for St George-Illawarra to win the comp,” she says with a twinkle.

“At this point in my life, I could tell you all the players names.”

“Oh, and I would enjoy a lunch with the girls every Tuesday at the club.”

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Do you have a favourite New Year’s memory or have you set a resolution for 2019? Tell us in the comments below.

  • Sean Sadler
    Posted at 12:13h, 20 February Reply

    Hello. Sarah is my distant cousin. I live in Middlesbrough. Her dad Richard and my great-great granddad Walter were brothers. If there is anyway to get in touch with one of her daughters or Sarah would be greatly appreciated. She is the last alive Warburton from the original family.


    Sean (sean.sadler@hotmail.com)

    • Paul Hemsworth
      Posted at 14:59h, 20 February Reply

      Hi Sean,
      What a wonderful coincidence. We’ve passed your message on to our colleagues at Uniting Farmborough and they’ll contact you directly.
      Kind regards,
      The Uniting Team

      • Sean
        Posted at 05:25h, 11 December Reply

        Hi Paul
        I never did receive a response and would
        Love to hear from them



        • Paul Hemsworth
          Posted at 16:53h, 11 December Reply

          Hi Sean,
          I’m terribly sorry about this, it appears your details didn’t get passed through. I have, however, contacted the manager of the service today and she will pass your details on. Sarah is still going – although not quite as chipper as she was.
          Kind regards
          the Uniting team.

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