The job I was meant to do

Local Area Coordination Team Leader, Shanise Davis, with Varun and Western Sydney District Manager, David Hicks.

The job I was meant to do

“This is the job I was always meant to do. I’m always thinking if there’s something more I can do to help my NDIS clients achieve their goals or make them smile.”  -Uniting Local Area Coordinator, Varun Jain

Varun Jain is a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) with Uniting. He works with people with disability to help them access information and support services as part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

“My job all is about helping people live better lives,” says Varun. “Making sure they feel connected and valued members of their communities.”

Originally from India, Varun studied computer science but always knew he wanted to work in a career that helped people. He came to Australia in 2007 with the clear ambition to change careers, and began his studies in Community Welfare Services.

That’s when life threw an unexpected challenge at Varun.

“About halfway through my studies, I contracted tuberculosis and was hospitalised for three months,” he recounts. “As a result, I lost my sight and am now considered legally blind.”

“I see blurs and shadows in my right eye and have about 20 per cent vision in my left. My parents took me back to India where my life was extremely restricted, due to my limited vision. So, I decided to come back to Australia.”

Returning to Australia in 2013, Varun was determined to create a new independent life for himself, working in a variety of roles, including a three-year stint in marketing.

These days, Varun is thriving. He’s completed his studies in community welfare and has recently gotten married.

“I joined Uniting in August 2017 with the help of disability employment service, Ability Options,” he says. “Working at Uniting is special. I feel at home here. My team are all really brilliant. They have encouraged me to grow in my role and supported me with the special technology solutions I need. Because I can’t drive and easily go on home visits, I connect with my clients via computer.”

“In previous jobs, I used to watch the clock. Here, I never think of the time. Instead, I’m always thinking what more can I do to help my clients develop and action their plans. Every day you’re working with individuals in small and large ways to overcome the difficulties they feel in their daily life.

“I get so much satisfaction from my work. This is the job I was always meant to do. This is where I am meant to be.”

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For more information about how Uniting Local Area Coordinators work with clients as part of the NDIS, call us on 1800 864 846 or email us. To express your interest in joining the Uniting team, visit our jobs page.

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