Joining the gym … at 74

Joining the gym … at 74

At the age of 74, Rhonda Cowley thought she had finished trying new things. But when she heard a new gym for people aged 60 years and over was opening down the road from her Canberra home, she decided to give it a try.

“I’ve always been active but I’ve usually worked out from home,” says Rhonda. “To me it seemed like a hassle having to travel to and from a gym all the time and I worried about the kinds of people who might be there judging me for my ability.”

So when Rhonda’s daughter first told her about the Uniting Senior’s Gym, based at the new Uniting Amala aged care hub in Gordon in the ACT, she was a little hesitant.

“I started thinking that it might be nice to meet new people and socialise with them by going to the gym,” she explains.

“Eventually I decided to check it out and joined up straight away. That was in February and I love going along. I’m also getting stronger and fitter which gives me a confidence boost too.

“Who knew after all this time that I would develop a love of the gym?”

Rhonda Haire, manager of the Uniting Seniors Gym at Uniting Amala says Rhonda is a great example of her clients.

“At Uniting we encourage people to exercise as they get older. It not only helps to keep them healthy but creates a social community for them too.

“Regular exercise can do great things for your mind and body, helping you to become happier and healthier and we enjoy creating this environment at Uniting.”

Uniting is the first and only organisation to offer gyms exclusively for seniors who want to stay fit and healthy. We currently have gyms dedicated to ageing well in the Sydney suburbs of Lilyfield, Chatswood and Waverley, as well as in Orange and Canberra. With the support of accredited Exercise Physiologists and Fitness Specialists, Uniting Senior’s Gyms offer personalised group and individual exercise and movement programs in a safe, comfortable and non-judgemental environment.

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