It’s improved my life no end

It’s improved my life no end

Before coming in contact with the Uniting Short-term Restorative Care program, 79-year-old Nirmal says she was close to becoming bedbound.

“I couldn’t move. I couldn’t get up,” said Nirmal. “I wanted to be able to go [places] by myself. To drive. To be active. I got into depression of course. I felt so helpless.”

Now, after completing the eight-week restorative program with Uniting home and community care, Nirmal is back on her feet.

“I can practically do anything now. I started driving. I go to the social group. I do all my own groceries and I go to the club sometimes. Gardening is my passion.”

“And the people with whom I have dealt – they are beautiful” she said.

Rita had severe back pain before joining the program. “I used to take quite strong opioids for the pain and I’m free of [medication] now,” she said. “It’s improved my life enormously.”

For Lorraine who lives with Parkinson’s disease and arthritis, the program was the ticket to regaining her independence. “When you’ve been independent your whole life, to not be independent is very hard,” she says.

“It’s given me the freedom to move. I can do things I couldn’t do. I didn’t used to be able to walk up the driveway to the letterbox and back again without puffing… and I can walk to the shops now without puffing. It’s improved my life no end.”

The Short-term Restorative Care program takes a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation; bringing together qualified physiotherapists, dieticians, exercise specialist, registered nurses and support advisors. The program works on physical strength, balance, health and wellbeing – with a strong focus on practical function, such as reaching and lifting, to help participants build the strength and mobility needed for the daily life activities that keep you independent.
Watch a short video about the program below.

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  • Maureen Heslop
    Posted at 17:57h, 28 September Reply

    The Short Term Restorative Programme was just what I needed after finishing rehab elsewhere. All the physiotherapists that helped me my 2 x 8 week programmes were fantastic.I have no balance because of the Cauda Equina Syndrome but working with them I was for a just a s short distance able to walk with a physio on one arm and the other arm using a walking stick..I look forward to the time when I can do another programme with them.
    Best Wishes to all
    Maureen Heslop

    • Paul Hemsworth
      Posted at 09:27h, 02 October Reply

      Thanks Maureen,
      Great to hear that you’re improving. Keep working on your exercises and we’ll see you back some day.
      The Uniting team

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