Embraced for who I am

Embraced for who I am

On 14 July 2018, the Uniting Church in Australia National Assembly made the historic decision to become Australia’s first mainstream Christian church to allow its authorised marriage celebrants to perform same-gender marriages according to their conscience.

As we discussed in our previous blog on this topic, Uniting celebrates this decision as it will better support LGBTI inclusion and advances the rights of this marginalised community – including the 25 percent of older LGBTI people who don’t seek health or care due to fear of discrimination.

Uniting team member Graeme also attends a local Uniting Church congregation. He says the decision means a great deal to him, his husband and their family.

“Now I can feel confident going to a congregation and saying, ‘Look, here I am. I want to worship with you. I want to be involved’,” said Graeme.

“For me, my faith has always been a big part of who I am,” he said. “I had a very bad experience prior to coming to the Uniting Church. I’m actually an ordained minister with another denomination and I was forced out of that church when I came out of the closet.”

“To find the Uniting Church who embraced me for who I am – and accepted every part of me – enabled me to bring my whole being to worship.”

“I do feel very included at Uniting where I work and very much so in the Uniting Church.”

Watch Graeme’s response to the Uniting Church announcement.

Read the announcement from the Uniting Church here.

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