Wedding bells ring at Uniting Mingaletta

Wedding bells ring at Uniting Mingaletta

Love was in the air earlier this month at Uniting Mingaletta in Port Macquarie. When Michele Barnett’s parents, Dawn (90) and Tom (97), weren’t able travel for her wedding, she brought the wedding to them. Tracey Fairhurst from Port Macquarie News was there to cover the story.

The wedding was a Uniting family affair – a member of the care team who recently celebrated her own wedding offered her decorations, the kitchen team did the catering and the on-site hairdresser took care of the pampering, with the couple exchanging vows in the chapel.

Dawn and Tom know a thing or two about how to make marriage work. Tom was knocked “head over heels” by Dawn back in 1950 and they’ve been together ever since – for those of you playing along at home, that’s over 67 years of love.

“Today has just been really lovely,” said Tom of the wedding. “My new son-in-law Tony is really genuine. He’s a good one.”

Tony has had Tom’s approval since back when he originally visited Uniting Mingeletta to ask for Michele’s hand in marriage.

The Uniting Mingaletta team got wind of the proposal and, knowing Dawn and Tom would not be able to travel to Adelaide for the wedding, offered to hold the celebration on-site.

Michele was glad she was able to make the day happen at Uniting Mingaletta. “I couldn’t imagine getting married and not having my parents there to be a part of it,” she said. “To be able to share it with mum and dad is something very special.”

Read more of this lovely story and see the wedding snaps on the Port News site.

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