Four centenarians visit Santa

Our four centenarians seated in a group and meeting Santa.

Four centenarians visit Santa

Between the requests for new toys and games you could forgive Santa for not remembering them all, yet one request in particular would have stood out more than most.

This request came during a special visit by the big man in red to four centenarians at Uniting Farmborough Unanderra where the Christmas spirit is alive and well.

Uniting Farmborough resident, Sarah Esplin, cheekily asked for a new pair of legs, as hers are not working as well as they used to after 101 years.

Sarah and her three friends – all centenarians (or a few weeks off), paid a special visit to Santa when he recently popped in to the Uniting Farmborough Unanderra aged care home.

Staff decorate the auditorium every year and also arrange the special Santa visit for residents to have photos taken with their families.

This awesome foursome couldn’t resist the opportunity to visit Santa together and tell him their Christmas wishes, with Clare Brandt, who celebrates her 100th birthday on 30 December, jumping up on his knee.

Uniting Farmborough Unanderra is proud that by the New Year it will have five residents aged 100 and over, especially as their friendship is plain for everyone to see.

It seems only time will tell if Santa makes Sarah’s Christmas wish come true. The team at Uniting Farmborough have truly shown the sort of inspired care that we come to think of as ‘just what we do’.

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