Kindy kids go bush

A group of preschool aged children gather around their bush mentor. They are in dense bush and the ground around them is covered in dry gum leaves

Kindy kids go bush

Trekking through the undergrowth of their local reserve, the children from the Uniting Early Learning Caringbah were excited about their latest adventure.

The children, who have been attending a weekly bush kindy since June 2017, were joined by a voluntary member of the Sutherland Shire Council Bush Care last month (August) at the Burraneer Bay Reserve.

“These adventures down to the reserve have created multiple opportunities for new discoveries and questions,” explains Natalie Christofidellis, Director of the day care centre.

“We don’t always have the answers to their questions so we realized that this was a great opportunity for the children to learn from others in our community and we sought the help and expertise from the council’s bush care team.”

The group learnt the native names for plants, why it sometimes looks like trees are bleeding and the ways Indigenous people used the plants hundreds of years ago. The children were told how they could care for the area by staying on tracks and picking up any rubbish they see.

“The children had a wonderful time and we talked a lot about what we had seen when we got back to the centre,” says Natalie.

“We aim to give our children a sense of freedom, achievement and confidence and we certainly succeeded through the bush kindy.”

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