Single foster mum urges others to step up and become carers

Single foster mum Felicity plays with one of her young charges. They are out in a tree house and there is a generous paddock in the background.

Single foster mum urges others to step up and become carers

Growing up Felicity was surrounded by foster children in her parent’s home and knew she always wanted to become a carer herself too.

But she always thought she would do it after she had married and had her own biological children. When she reached her 30s and was still single she asked herself the question: “why wait?” Since then she has fostered two children through Uniting as a single parent and has had ten respite and emergency placements. Following on from Foster Carers Week (10-16 Sept) Uniting are asking those who are interested in becoming foster carers to come forward and help other children in need of care.

“I always worried that I wouldn’t be enough just by myself but the truth is I can offer these children something that others cannot – my full attention,” says Felicity, of Coffs Harbour.

“I love being a foster mum and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.”

It was four years ago that Felicity was given a five year old girl to care for. Two years later an 11-week-old baby came too.

Down the track when I would love to think we could add another little person to our family. There is a huge need for great families for these treasures, and I would love to be a part of meeting that need.”

If Felicity could offer advice to those thinking of becoming foster carers it would be this:

“Parenting is really hard work, single parenting is crazy hard work, single parenting of children with trauma in their lives is the hardest work there is – but it’s the most rewarding too.”

In NSW there are almost 20,000 children and young people unable to live safely at home. Uniting currently has 59 children in Coffs Harbour placed in its foster program. Foster carers are desperately in demand. People can foster if they are single, married, with or without children, in a de-facto or same-sex relationship, or divorced.

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