Connecting with dads

A young girl looks at some of the pictures of the dads in her group

Connecting with dads

The start of the year can be quite daunting for many toddlers. Sometimes when children are new to a service they can be a bit unsettled about being away from their parents. Staff at Uniting Early Learning Medowie noticed that in general dads were visiting less frequently than mums and seemed to be a little less connected with the day-to-day life of their child. In order to make the children more at ease and to involve the dads more, the service decided to feature some pictures of the dads at work in the Toddler room.

Josie Johnson, Toddler Room Educator says: “The response was phenomenal! Of the 25 dads in our room, we received 22 photos. We placed the photo frames around the room and incorporated their jobs in the curriculum. We added resources like trains, farm animals, earth moving machinery and building blocks. We made some great connections. We learnt a lot about what the dads do and seized this opportunity to empower the children in resourcing their own learning and increasing their citizenship. The children have flourished and are very comfortable in the room now. The dads like to come in and look at the photos when they collect their children. If the children get sad, they like to sit on the mat and look at the photos. Their friends see this and rush to join them. With their dad’s photo of course!”

Liam, father of Opal said: “Most days of mine are long hours so it is rare that I get to do many pick-ups and drop offs to day-care with our little Miss Opal. However Opal and myself very much enjoyed and felt a part of her day with the pictures of what daddy does in the room. It’s nice to know she sees my face when some days I’m gone before she wakes. I think it helped explain where I go every day and gave her insight into the art of tattooing.”

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