Spreading kindness with lovebombs

A table covered in crotcheted hearts of all colours

Spreading kindness with lovebombs

Have you seen us around? For the past two weeks, we have been painting the town purple at train stations, shopping centres and on buses and street billboards to share with everyone that everything we do, we do with heart. As part of the campaign, we collaborated with the lovely Jane in Sydney (or as she’s known on Instagram @queen_babs) yarnbomber extraordinaire.

Jane has been crocheting hearts for us to spread love and kindness and has asked her community to contribute.

“I love having a new project where I am helping spread kindness with lovebombs!Uniting believes that these little hearts will show that even the smallest gestures are worth taking the time for. They want to show that a big difference is made when you pour care into even the smallest things. I’m doing this for love, not money. Because it’s a good cause and it’s my passion to spread kindness anyway I can.”

Uniting pop-up stalls will be taking place in Bankstown on 27-30 July and in Orange on 3-6 August.

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For more information about our campaign visit the Uniting website with heart page.

To find out more about Uniting or talk to us about the early learning, disability support, healthy ageing, lifestyle, retirement living or care option that’s right for you, call us on 1800 864 846 or email ask@uniting.org.

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