Love is power

A happy and diverse family older gay woman, hetrosexual older man, and two young girls in a group all hug

Love is power

At Uniting, we believe that love is the greatest superpower there is.

Love amplifies and spreads as a force for good, helping individuals and communities overcome challenges. Love stands up for the marginalised and vulnerable and lets people become their true selves. This Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, we want to celebrate people of all backgrounds for the heroes of the heart that they are – older people, people with disability, rainbow families and more. Because #LoveisPower.

How you can be a superhero this Mardi Gras

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A selection of photos from Fair Day 2017

Fair_Day_028 Fair_Day_27 Fair_Day_021 Fair_Day_016 Fair_Day_011 Fair_Day_008



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