It’s what the care’s like that matters

Colleen, an older woman sitting confidently at an outdoor table

It’s what the care’s like that matters

Colleen participated in the ‘Strong, Steady, Safe’ exercise program that won Uniting a 2016 Better Practice Award. In today’s ‘Humans of Uniting’ post, Colleen shares the philosophy she lives by and life at Uniting Ronald Coleman Lodge in Woollahra.

“I’m a minimalist. I’m always looking around my room and wondering what I can get rid of next. I took up meditation forty years ago and I meditate for twenty minutes twice a day. Becoming a vegetarian seemed like a natural extension. At first the kitchen staff didn’t have much idea about catering for a vegetarian but now they’re much better.

My favourite thing about living here is the exercise classes. On Mondays and Thursdays we do strength and balance with the exercise physiologist in the wellness room and on Wednesdays we do Tai Chi. I’m a trained nurse and social worker so I know how important exercise is for physical or mental health.

As one of eight kids, it was my job to choose aged care for my five older sisters. I know a bit about aged care, so I was pretty critical when I was choosing where to live after my stroke.

What impressed me about this place was the ongoing training the team receives. It’s so lovely to see them developing their skills. I always tell people, ‘Don’t worry about what a place looks like. It’s what the care’s like that matters’.”

  • kim jap
    Posted at 13:31h, 28 November Reply

    I agree with Colleen. In the healthy body there is a healthy soul. Exercise keep our body and mental healthy. Mens sana in corpore sano as my old teacher said, regardless our age.

    • Tabitha Noonan
      Posted at 11:21h, 30 November Reply

      Thanks, Kim. Definitely agree with your teacher there and Colleen is certainly doing what it takes to stay sound of body and mind.
      -Tabitha, The Uniting team

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